Japanese Curry Rice and Chicken Katsu


Published February 14, 2018

Last week I succumbed to the wicked flu that has been going around, and let me tell you, it was a doozy. Four solid days of feverish symptoms followed by a bonus week of lingering aches and general fatigue.

When I finally had enough energy to get out of bed and turn the stove on, the first thing I thought about making was this Japanese-style curry. It’s hearty and warming in all the right ways and easy enough to prepare on those wobbly post-fever legs.

It’s also perfect for using up all those vegetables you had ambitiously bought the day you fell ill, which then sat waiting patiently in the bottom of the refrigerator for you to recover and get cooking again.

Do yourself a favour and cut up all the vegetables first before starting the rice and cooking this recipe. The chicken katsu is nice to have if you are feeling up for it and have the ingredients on hand, but this delicious stew can just as easily be enjoyed without it.

Link to recipe here.