Herb-Infused Greek Feta in Oil

pdl feta.jpg

Published January 31, 2018

Real Greek feta is one of my favourite cheeses, so it's a pity that it isn't more popular here in France where I live. A brined cheese that is traditionally made from a combination of sheep and goat milks, feta is often seen used in salads and pastries. Sliced, cubed or crumbled, it is deliciously tangy and a simple way to add saltiness to any recipe that calls for cheese.

Here, it is marinated in a rich, easy-to-make, herb-infused oil, which not only flavours the cheese, but is perfect for dipping a good crusty bread into.

Marinated feta can be an excellent addition to any cheese board or picnic basket, but a smaller portion can even work well as the centrepiece for a more decadent packed lunch, as it can be prepared in advance and stores easily for a couple weeks in the refrigerator.

For best results, ensure the feta is well-submerged in the oil. Always allow to come to room temperature before serving.

Link to recipe here.