Citrus Salad


Published February 28, 2018

Every year around this time I am reminded of the wonder I felt during my first winter in Paris, when I experienced the extensive varieties of citrusfruit available during this season. So in awe was I at the time, I lined up every single variety we had on hand in the restaurant where I worked before snapping a quick photo and throwing it up on my Instagram. Blood orange, Meyer lemon, bergamote, limette, volkamer lemon and yuzu, each one a tangy orb of liquid sunshine brightening up my workday. In the eyes of a cook, there is nothing more cheerful and inspiring.

This salad is a play on one my mom made often when we were growing up. I still love her original version, but I have adapted it to become my own. As a side dish, it is the perfect way to brighten up a heavy meal, but it could also readily be eaten as a main.

I am using more widely available citrus fruit in this recipe, but substitute with whatever you have handy. If you prefer to keep things vegan, leave the eggs off and bump up the avocado.

For best results, use a sharp knife to remove the peels from each citrus fruit. Begin by cutting off each of the ends, just exposing the fruit. Place one cut side down on the cutting board before carefully cutting the pith and the peel away from the fruit in downward strips.

Link to recipe here.