Gramma’s Crispy Cookies

My grandmother, Eunice Cammack, was known far and wide for her delicious and bountiful cooking and baking. Visiting her always meant being greeted with a warm hug, and the guarantee that you wouldn't be leaving hungry.


Gramma was a master hostess who loved a good party. She never found any recipe too daunting and spent hours toiling over a hot stove. Her "asbestos fingers" (as she used to call them) were impervious to heat as she nimbly popped things in and out of the oven. Virtually gliding as she moved about the room, she was a master at what professional cooks refer to as "the dance" from stove to counter to refrigerator and back again.

It was Gramma's love of food and sharing it with others that spawned my initial curiosity in the kitchen. But sadly, it was only after her recent passing that I truly began to understand how much work she used to put into caring and cooking for all those lucky enough to be around her. Her drive would have inspired even the most diehard of cooks. She never complained as she worked away, always singing along to the AM radio on in the background.

These Crispy Cookies, which her humble home kitchen seemed to turn out in droves like a factory, were one of her staples. At any given time, there were at least a couple dozen on hand, more than enough to settle a passing grandchild's craving or to pleasantly surprise the odd tradesman who had stopped in to do some repairs.

They are quite simply crispy and delicious, and in sharing them with you, I continue to hold dear to my heart the fond memories I have of my Gramma and the legacy of recipes she has left behind.

cookies2 (1).jpg