An Unconventional Take on Potato Salad

I absolutely love midsummer, when vegetables really start to taste their finest. As if to certify this statement, this past weekend, the farmer's market near my mom's place was simply overflowing with bounty and abundance. I happened across the loveliest and sweetest new potatoes from a local farm and I knew I just had to make a potato salad.

This recipe takes a slightly less conventional approach to this barbecue favourite as it doesn't contain mayo, eggs or dairy, but the result is still creamy and packed with punchy flavours. The key is to build the seasoning throughout the cooking process, starting first by making sure the water you cook them in is well salted. Once fully cooked and well-strained, immediately mix the hot potatoes with the dressing. A natural creamy consistency will develop as it is being stirred, and warm potatoes always absorb flavours more easily.

Chilli oil with black beans is hands down one of my favourite condiments to have on hand at home or in the restaurant. It can be readily found at your local Asian grocery market.