Brown Butter Brioche Stuffing with Chesnuts, Leeks and Chanterelles

Photo by Liam Mogan

Photo by Liam Mogan

My mom's stuffing is the best. I know you are going to try to tell me otherwise and I'm not trying to start a fight, but seriously, her's is hands down the winner. I pine for its comforting, sagey goodness, but as is my usual expat conundrum, it is once again not very likely I'll be able to make it home for Thanksgiving to enjoy it.

Having now spent three years living overseas, my tastebuds long for what a Skype viewing of the turkey coming out of the oven can simply not provide. So here is my Frenchified version, one that includes some of mom's approach and seasoning but also features some of the best of what fall brings into season in France: wild mushrooms, chestnuts and browned butter.

Oh, and for the sake of it, let's use brioche instead of plain old sandwich bread because, well, France!

Link to the recipe here

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