Strawberries with Whipped Creme Fraiche, Rhubarb Sorbet and Gluten-Free Coconut Cookie Crumble


Published May 9, 2018

Fresh, sun-ripened, first of the season strawberries. There is nothing like it. Luckily, they appear
at the market just at that time of the year when I start to swear I may never again be able to
recall what a real strawberry actually tastes like. A bit dramatic? Perhaps, but greenhouse
strawberries in the middle of winter, imported from who knows where? Not for me, thanks! I’ll
hold out for them to be in season every time, because potentially forgetting, only to then
rediscover what a sun-ripened strawberry actually tastes like each year, is worth the wait in my
This recipe aims to keep things fairly basic. Sliced strawberries with cream and brown sugar the
way my mom used to do it when we were kids is pure taste bud joy for me, so I definitely didn’t
want to lose that with this one. However, I still felt the need to jazz things up a bit at the
restaurant by adding a little gluten-free coconut cookie crumble for texture and an easy rhubarb
sorbet to add a necessary injection of punchy tartness that also pairs super classically with the
natural sweetness of the strawberries.
Try to find the thickest creme fraiche with the highest fat content possible (40% is preferable). It
whips up like a dream and has a rich yet mellow tangy flavour that lends super well to the dish
as a whole. You can definitely substitute whipping cream if necessary, but know that the
resulting whipped texture will be a lot lighter and less creamy than the whipped creme fraiche
will be.
For the rhubarb sorbet, if you don’t have an ice cream machine, don’t fret. Simply skip the
pureeing of the sorbet base and serve the rhubarb spooned directly over the berries. The effect,
although less frozen in nature, will still, in terms of flavour pairing anyways, be relatively the
If elderflowers are in season in your area, garnish each bowl with a few of these fragrant
blossoms for a floral touch that, like strawberries and rhubarb, can really only be enjoyed
together in the spring. Pick them fresh from the bush and store in an airtight container in the
fridge before using. Bonus tip: a loosely-rolled piece of dampened paper towel in the bottom of
the container with help keep these flowers fresh for up to two days.


Link to recipe here.