Grilled Sardines and Broccolini

Published April 26, 2018

Spring might just be the best season. Not only does it mean asparagus and strawberries (which taste oh so incredible after all the endless winter months of practically nothing but beets and celery root), but it also means that there is hope in terms of the weather. Trees everywhere start to blossom, the days get longer and the weather finally starts to get warmer. It also means that it is finally time to drag out the ole’ barbecue and get back to grilling!

Having worked at a few restaurants over the years where barbecues are used as a primary method of cooking, I have come to appreciate what grilling can lend to the overall flavour and execution of a dish. I have also learned that with a little knowhow, just about anything (i.e. fish, meat, vegetables, fruit, etc.) can be cooked over an open flame.

My current favourite thing to grill is sardines. They are quick and easy to cook and their slightly oily and fishy flavour lends supremely well to a little char on the barbecue. Lately I have been pairing them with these lovely little flowering broccolinis I have been finding at the market. They too take a turn on the grill to get a little colour. I just love how well their naturally bitter flavour pairs with this fish.

The nori sauce used as a dressing brings a necessary hint of acidity and balance to the dish. It is made quite simply using a mortar and pestle, which I appreciate as a tool because it saves me from dragging out (and then having to clean) a food processor. In turn, I then have more time to spend enjoying these deliciously grilled sardines.

So here is a toast to barbecues, blossoms and all other things spring, for it can really only mean one thing: summer is only right around the corner!

Link to recipe here.