Cardamom, Carrot, Dried Apricot and Vanilla Scones


Published November 24, 2018

I have been in the south of France for a couple weeks now and the rain won’t seem to let up. Cats and dogs, pouring endlessly from the sky, the sun utterly unable to burst through and shine. The local Provençal people have taken to joking about how nobody should ever say it doesn’t rain in the south, which I guess also sort of means “get used to it.” All I want to do is cozy up with a good book in front of the fireplace in hopes of forgetting the chaotic climatic conditions outside.

In weather like this, there is no better time to start up the oven and get baking. I find the act of getting your mind and your hands into some dough helps a dreary day pass much more quickly. The tasty results warm the soul and the delicious smell fills your home with comfort, which is sunshine in its own right, n’est-ce pas?

These scones are the comforting fall recipe I didn’t know I needed but now can’t seem to live without. They are easy to make and incredibly customizable. However, I think the flavour combination I’ve dreamed up here is a clear winner.

When making scones, be mindful not to over-mix. They key is to not aggressively knead the ingredients together, but to fold the dough over and into itself until everything is just combined and holding together.

If for some reason the dough really seems too dry, it is okay to add a little more buttermilk. It probably won’t take much. I would suggest adding it one teaspoon at a time just to be safe.

These scones are amazing just on their own, but could readily be served with a traditional side of clotted cream, a heaping spoon of your favourite jam or marmalade, or even a good schmeer of butter and a slice of sharp cheddar cheese.

The cardamom and vanilla sugar recipe makes more than you need for dusting the top of the scones, but it can be stored in an airtight jar until you get around to using the rest of it.

Link to the recipe here.