Leek and Swiss Chard Tart

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Published November 3, 2018

One thing I like to be mindful of in the kitchen is food waste. How easily stems, stalks and scraps get tossed in the bin when they are often just as edible as the prized leaves or bulbs that have been picked from them. Trim from meat and vegetables for example can be easily saved in the freezer and made into a flavourful stock once you’ve accumulated enough of them. Most stems from herbs like cilantro and parsley, or from leafy vegetables like kale or Swiss chard, can also be eaten, we have just simply been taught to toss them because they aren’t the part of the plant that is considered the most “desirable”.

Sliced thinly into salads, kale stems add an awesome and flavour-packed crunch to the mix, while chard stems can be made into excellent pickles. They are also both equally delicious when sliced thinly and sauteed alongside their leaves. This recipe does exactly that, cooking the chard stems and leaves together with leeks and other aromatics to form the base of this easy to make tart.

When working with leeks, keep in mind that they can be a bit sandy between the layers. Cut away the dark green tops before then slicing the lighter part of the leek in half lengthwise. Rinse each half under cold running water, peeling back the outermost layers to reveal and wash away any sandy bits that might be in there. Don’t forget to save those dark green leek tops in the freezer for a stock later! Consider giving them a quick rinse as well to make things easier for when you want to use them.

Store bought puff pastry is a life-saver. Perfect in a pinch, for when making your own pastry just isn’t in the cards, or part of your busy schedule.

Served alongside a fresh green salad, or even a nice cup of soup, this tart makes for a perfect light fall lunch. Great when eaten straight from the oven, it can also be served later on at room temperature if you so desire. It will also be perfect for lunch the following day, but being so tasty, I doubt there will be much leftover.

Link to recipe here.