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More Than a Feeling!

Food + yoga Retreat - Vallabrègues, France

November 9-10-11, 2018

A joy-filled food and yoga focused retreat in the south of France! Come join us for the weekend as we step far away from the daily grind and step back into nourishment and alignment. Unwind and unplug as you take in the view of the Rhone river from the peaceful, fully-restored, old monastery where we will be staying in the village of Vallabrègues. Indulge in twice-daily yoga practice and meditation with Julia Mitton, founder and owner of Arles Yoga. Dive-in to delicious, fall-inspired food made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients and prepared by ME! Gather with other like-minded souls and take part in curated culinary experiences unique to the Provencal region like visits to local olive presses, vineyards and the Camargue rice fields. Savour local natural wines and autumnally-inspired cocktails while we cozy-up fireside to reflect on the year that has been and set intentions that will help guide us through the end of 2018. Our November retreat intends to bring together all the nurturing goodness that fall food and yoga can provide in order to awaken and expand your authentic joie de vivre as we head towards midwinter.

More Than a Feeling - Food + Yoga Retreats are a joyful and seasonal exploration into the fine indulgence of nourishment, alignment and living an authentic good life hosted by Julia Mitton and myself! 

 Rivehouse - Vallabrègues, France

Rivehouse - Vallabrègues, France

 Soulful Entrepreneur Retreat: France Edition 2018

Soulful Entrepreneur Retreat: France Edition 2018

 Soulful Entrepreneur Retreat: France Edition 2018

Soulful Entrepreneur Retreat: France Edition 2018


The Soulful Entrepreneur :
En France!

Provence, France - TBD

August 15-19, 2019

The Soulful Entrepreneur Workshop: France, is not your average retreat! Get clear and rooted in your purpose. Connect with your soul and level up your leadership skills.

Get bold and declare new visions you maybe haven't dared to speak out loud. Get down to business and burn the excuses with coaching from Jacqueline Jennings, Entrepreneur Coach and Business Consultant. Connect with the old wisdom of this land and be guided through transformative meditations and learn to trust your intuition with Bree Melanson, Spiritual Medium and Soul Trainer. Enjoy elegant and masterfully crafted meals created by ME! - 5 days, 4 nights of chill, leadership skill-building and that good soul work.