Marinated Roasted Red Pepper Dip


Published July 3, 2018

This dip isn’t fussy, or at least it really shouldn’t be. In fact, it should be prepared in exactly the same way it is intended to be eaten – that is, in a leisurely fashion. Take your time roasting and chopping and mixing it all together and then promptly enjoy eating it, standing barefoot in your yard, feeling the grass tickle your toes beneath you.

Roasting your own peppers is a must because not only do they taste fantastic and are much better than any jarred version, but it is so easy to do. Charring anything, in my opinion, is one of the simplest ways to transform an ingredient – it adds a whole other level of flavour and complexity to anything you use it in after. If you have never roasted your own peppers, summer is the best time of year to get started. As they come into season, this only makes them more delicious (and less expensive).

This recipe is designed to be prepared in one go, but the peppers can be roasted and marinated a day or two in advance. The more time they sit in the marinade, the more they will soak up the flavour from the vinegar and the chili flakes.

Dips are perfect for summer as they are easily packable for picnics or potlucks. They are as adaptable as they are scoopable and can be eaten heaped on just about anything flat and savoury. I personally love cucumber slices and plain ridge chips.

This dip is best if eaten within a day, but can be made up to four days in advance if necessary. Simply adjust the seasoning if needed. Prepare it in advance and pull it from the fridge when you need it, such as on a less leisurely afternoon perhaps, when you don’t have time to do any cooking but still want to feel the sun kiss your shoulders, even if just for a moment.

Link to recipe here.