Broccoli and Boquerones Salad with Garlic Chips, Soft-Boiled Eggs and Salmon Roe


Published January 24, 2018

Although both anchovies and broccoli tend to have a bad rap, I have come to enjoy both of these ingredients equally, especially in this salad.

A couple of notes before getting started: Cooking broccoli properly goes a long way toward making it delicious. A matter of seconds can turn perfectly soft-yet-crunchy pieces into the mushy mess most people associate with this vegetable. Using a timer and an ice bath will ensure success.

Boquerones, or white anchovies as they are also known, are excellent eaten whole because they have a much milder taste than the salty, tinned variety, since they're cured with vinegar rather than salt. Traditional anchovies are the standard go-to for Caesar salad, but if you're looking for a mellower flavour, try boquerones instead.

Frying always seems like a production, but when it comes to the garlic chips in this recipe, the effort is worth it. Take your time bringing the oil and garlic up to temperature, and then make sure to keep stirring. Your taste buds will thank you for all the roasted garlic crispiness and flavoured oil you'll have at the end.

Finally, a hat tip to chef JC Poirier, whose fantastic anchovies and eggs dish at Ask For Luigi in Vancouver was what originally inspired me to create this salad, further exploring and celebrating anchovies (and salmon eggs) in all their salty, oily and fishy delight.


Link to recipe here.